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Mission Statement

Mission Statement of Dr. John Ross
"I believe people can improve their health for their life time; utilizing the natural recuperative powers of their body; using chiropractic, massage, exercise and nutrition to avoid unnecessary drugs."

My mission is to use my talents, experience, training and commitment to positive results to give my patients and their families an Opportunity to get help for their health problems without resorting to drugs or surgery through Chiropractic. The human body is a wonderful thing that was given the ability to heal itself. My philosophy as a chiropractor is to help assist the body to heal itself. To do this I utilize the inherent (built in) recuperative powers of the body through the use of the Ross-Method of Chiropractic care, Nutrition, Massage and Exercises.

I want to help those people that do not want to depend on drugs but rather let their body heal itself. I want to help those people that have already been to several doctors without results. I depend on my dedicated and well qualified staff to help me help my patients.

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With 4200 hours of doctorate education, 1000 hours of supervised clinical training and over thirty-eight (38) years experience in the case management of patient health complaints I strive to get my patient's feeling better in the shortest amount of time.

I assist the body's inherent recuperative powers to effect a change. I utilize nutrition, diet and exercise to improve the quality of my patient’s lives.

I want to help my patient’s immediate health problems and then educate them to take care of themselves. I want to manage my patient’s health so that they can avoid the effects of trauma and aging.


Ross Chiropractic will contribute to the solution of global environmental problems by growing our drugless, hands on, nutrition and exercise based business.

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